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Acai Berry Results

Do you get cravings? I do! Before I started taking acai berry my blood sugar would spike up and down and it would be like “GIVE ME THAT CHOCOLATE NOW!” But my acai berry results were fast.  Very soon after I started taking the supplement I found I could control my urges much better. And yes I still eat chocolate (love chocolate) but I am able to balance and control it because of the nutritional support acai berry provides.

Acai Berry Results

One of the first acai berry results I noticed was an increase in energy. Not a little increase a big, very noticeable increase in just a few days. And my appetite decreased. I lost a few pounds within the first week. Within a few weeks I had lost 14 pounds. I have a really hard time losing weight so this was huge for me. I eventually went on to lose even more weight.

There were two defining moments before I started my acai berrys.  The first was when I looked at a photo of myself at a wedding.  I was stunned when I saw the photo. I was sitting next to one of my relatives who has had a major weight problem all of her life. And I looked as big if not bigger than her.  That was when it really hit me. My weight had gotten way out of control.

A short time later, I visited a friend I had not seen in some years.  She had never been greatly overweight, but now she was very petite. I asked her what she had done to lose weight. She said she had gotten great results taking acai berry. It gave her increased energy and helped suppress her appetite. She ate delicious foods in moderate amounts and acai berry gave her the control she needed to not overeat.

I  decided to try the supplement and see if I could get the type of acai berry results she had.  I started taking acai berry along with a multi vitamin and extra calcium.  I also made some other changes in my life.  Changes that were much easier to make because of the health benefits of acai berry.

If you are like me you have probably tried dieting in the past.  You may have tried counting calories, points, carbs, etc. With my acai berry diet, I decided to do things totally differently. Instead of going on a set  program I was going to make simple switches I could stick to.

The first thing I did was think about what had made me fat in the first place. My weaknesses are chocolate and wine. And I knew any plan that required me to give them up would not work for me. I also had a tendency to tuck into high carb snacks like crackers and cookies because they are fast and easy.

With a little planning my acai berry results came quickly because I was able to enjoy the things I love. Energy and appetite control was much easier.

Wine is one of my favorites and it can be good for you, but I had a tendency to drink wine and then start snacking late at night. So I changed how I drank wine.  In the past I could easily drink several glasses of wine at a  sitting. Combine that with the late night munchies I would get and it was easy to pack on hundreds of calories. So I made a simple switch. I now fill a tall glass almost up to the top with ice and seltzer water and add a splash of wine to the top (works out to about an ounce of wine). I can drink five of these for the calories in one serving of wine which is five ounces.  When I go out I order a glass of wine and a glass of ice and mix the two.

Next as part of my acai berry diet lifestyle, I evaluated my choc – o- holic needs.  I found that sugary chocolate kept me wanting more where as with high quality dark chocolate I ate less.  And if the chocolate had a nut or fruit in it, so much the better, I really love these Chocolate Covered Pomegranates .

Everyone knows that more fruits and veggies and less crackers and cookies will result in faster acai berry results.  And I made it so it was convenient and easy to eat fruits and veggies instead of boxed snacks. I chop up celery and add a little lite laughing cow cheese, keep baby carrots and snap peas on hand etc. I do it in advance so I can just grab and go. Simple and easy.

During this process I found my diet becoming more Mediterranean
style. I will shave a little cheese on baby tomatoes tossed with a little olive oil on top of a tiny crust of french bread. I look for “real” food not boxed, bagged or canned. I picked up a George Foreman to make delicious grilled veggies and lean meat without the added fat.

Another thing I did (do) on my acai berrry diet is to put out a tiny dish of sugar free gum. It easy to see and grab on the kitchen counter when I just need a little something to pop in my mouth. Cinnamon is my favorite.

The acai berry supplement was the perfect companion to my eating plan. And I feel essential to my success.   I have much more energy.  I don’t have the appetite I once had.  I just do not get the cravings I used to. I truly feel it is the nutrition in the acai berry that has quelled those cravings by giving my body what it needs.   In addition I just feel so much lighter and healthier. Acai berry has flushed toxins and waste from my body.

Exercise was another factor. I really didn’t want to kill myself working out.  But I felt to get optimal acai berry results I needed to add in more exercise.  I found a Wii walking game I love, Walk It Out. I find myself walking miles every day because it is so much fun. I combine walking with the silly looking but very effective Shake Weight Dumbbell for upper body work and I am good to go.

For me making simple switches and taking acai berry was the solution to my weight problem. I lost weight in the first week and eventually went on to lose 34 pounds. You may want more structure on the Acai Berry Diet. One great program to try is the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. You can check it out here; Food Lovers Fat Loss System. Whatever you try I feel Acai Berry can enhance your success!  Many people say it helps minimize food cravings (it does for me) and enhance energy (my energy levels went through the roof).

To get the best results you must take pure 100% organic acai berry. Many acai products claim to be 100% but were treated in processing and will not give you the benefits of pure acai berry. I take pure acai berry and if you want to succeed you should also.  Read about how to Buy Acai Berry.

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